Mary's and Phil's engagement

Engagement Party


cake Black Forest 


Almond meringue cake

Torts di cioccolata


Hot rum


Pumpkin crostini

Silver beet and olive tart

Potatoe skins fondue/or spiced wedges


Lamb kebabs

Halumi and peach kebabs


Antipasti white beans peppers and baked ricotta 

Meat/potato pie in tea cup 

Chicken pie I tea cup 


Tandoori chicken legs


Bread sticks

Capsicum and feta terrine

Lebo lady fingers


Small cheese tarts mascarpone and Gorgonzola tart  (pastry made)

Twice cooked soufflé 





Grill pork ball with mint 30

Sausage lentil pasta

Spring rolls chicken 27

Open lamb kofta enough for 6 pita breads

Wontons :  pork 55


Sweet pastry

Sour cream pastry