Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Watermelon slushy with champagne and vodka 

Chicken legs for the boys
sausage rolls

Brie and dried bread

Potted smoked trout    Spiced cucumber  baguette. GOOD JUST BUTTER AND SMOKED TROUT 

Red braised pork and apple salad 

Pepper beef salad GOOD

Turkey breast. With Parma ham 

Spiced figs and rocket

Red and yellow capsicum with raisins  

Watercress and walnuts feta  grapes

Potatoes mash  dutch carrots   


Vanilla panna cotta DIDNOT WORKED

Summer puddings OK

Almond bread

Red currants


Chocolate truffles  GOOD

Buchede Noel GOOD

Vanilla mango  rolls DIDN'T WORKED


Sausages and lentils  poached eggs bread


Christmas at Cathy 's

Rare cold beef 

Salad. Pumpkin feta and spinach (spiced walnuts)

Buche De Noel