Jamie Oliver Easy Salmon Gravlax

January 2022

We had this for christmas dinner 2015 as a starter dish > I used 1.6kg Salmon and it worked beautifully, especially the thicker sections .I used a thinner 700g piece which was ok but the larger/thicker portion was easier to carve and was moister.


Jamies suggested quantities

2kg sashimi graded Salomon (pin boned whole side with skin on)

8 tablespoons salt

4 tablespoons raw or brown sugar

2or 3 beetroots peeled and grated

a bunch of dill

lemon zest

150ml vodka or gin


  1. lay salmon out on several layers glad wrap (enough to complete wrap the fish) in a noncorrosive dish/tray skin side down(liquid will pour out of this).
  2. Then cover the salmon with the salt, sugar, lemon zest, dill and grated beetroot and pour over the vodka.
  3. Wrapped the fish up withe the grad wrapped and weigh down with a chopping board with a few cans on top
  4. Leave for 48 hours before removing the glad wrap and wipe of all the salt sugar beetroot etc . pat dry with a paper towel. Now remove the skin and slice finely to serve


The Dill Dressing

8 table spoons sour cream

2 teaspoons whole grain Mustard

lemon zest

lemon jiuce



and serve with bread and a

Crunchy salad

(Cucumbers, celery, carrots, white radish (Dakron), capsicum, cabbage and red radish)

with a Pickled type dressing

( caster sugar,salt, rice wine vinegar,lime juice, oil)



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