Pate Feuilletee Briochee

January 2022

Homemade Croissants


1 kg flour, type 55 ("Type 55" flour, which  contains a bit less protein (9-10%) as compared to the "All-Purpose" flour (10-12%)Cheaper no frills plain flour has less protein than more expensive brands I have been told))
20 g salt
120 g sugar
60 g butter, at room temperature
60 g yeast
4 eggs, at room temperature
400 milk, at room temperature
500 g butter (use at the second day don't think of the amount of butter, just think about what Julia Child said: "with enough butter, anything is good")


first day: prepare the dough:: 
add flour, salt, sugar, butter, dry granulated or crumbled fresh yeast, eggs and milk to the kitchen aid and knead till a smooth and even dough, that don't sticks anymore. cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a towel and refridgerate overnight.

second day: 500 g butter:: 
place the room temperatured butter on a plastic wrap sheet. cover the butter with another plastic wrap sheet. flat butter with the aid of a rolling pin till it is a one centimeter high rectangle. 

the dough: 
roll out the cold dough on a flour dusted flat surface with the aid of a rolling pin till it is double size than the flattened butter. place the butter in the middle of the dough.

wrap the butter with the dough
fold in the two ends of the rectangle into the middle. flatten the dough to a very long rectangle till it is again one centimeter high.

le premier tour - the first turn
in your mind's eye divide the long flatten dough into three parts. than fold the dough along the imaginary line from right to left and then the other side from left to right. this is called the first tour. after this the dough has three layers butter. turn the dough trough 90°. flatten the dough again to a long rectangle till it is again one centimeter high.

le deuxieme tour - the second tour
now fold the dough again from both sides to the middle. this is called the second tour and it is already six layers butter, then fold it again in the middle. that makes twelve layers of butter.

it is important to keep the dough cold while working so after these exciting things the dough needs some rest and goes for at least four hours into the fridge.

shaping and rolling
Roll out the dough till it is five millimeter thin. cut rectangles and than two (right-angled) triangles from each rectangle. cut out equal-sided triangles and roll each beginning with the wide side. finish with the peak under the rolled croissant. place them on a parchment paper lined baking tray and let the dough prove till double size in a warm room. glaze croissants with egg wash and bake them at 180°C for 18-22 minutes till golden brown.

petit pain au chocolat

petit pains au chocolat are also made with pâte feuilletée briochée. you just roll some couverture sticks into the dough. therefor melt couverture and spread sticks on a parchment paper and cool down.