Chocolate Cloud Cake

January 2022

250 gr chocolate dark

125gr unsalted butter

6 large eggs room tempature

175 gr caster sugar

300ml cream 


  1. preheat oven 160C
  2. melt butter add chocolate and stir smooth and glossy set aside to cool
  3. separate 4 eggs and set whites aside beat the yolks with the other two eggs with 75gr of caster sugar until creamy 
  4. gently fold in melted chocolate and butter
  5. in another bowl whisk egg white to stiff
  6. gradually add remaining sugar 100 gr
  7. until soft peaks 
  8. fold a few large spoonfuls of egg whites into the chocolate mixture
  9. fold in 1/2 to cup of fresh almond meal 
  10. carefully fold the rest of the egg white into mixture
  11. spoon into a paper lined spring form tin 
  12. bake for 45 minutes its best err on the side of under cook firm around the edges wobbly in center
  13. cool cake ..the center will collapse to allow cream to fill along with chocolate and berries